Rain continued to drizzle down …

June 10, 2010

A first draft of the Young Writer of the Year ‘Silver’ story. Initial comments from teacher. Please add your feedback below to help Yuta develop his story further.

Rain continued to drizzle down, drumming itself against the concrete and iron slabs to applaud the arrival of the new season. With each drop, the familiar scent of moist, winter air exploded into the atmosphere; its remnants glowing a dull silver under what little light penetrated through the sea of clouds above. The city’s residents found themselves fearing the crisp, bitter air which scratched your bare skin red, hiding themselves [U1] beneath layer upon layer of clothing the way children hide beneath their blankets. For them[U2] , the cries their numb skin screamed was nothing a sheet of wool couldn’t muffle. Nothing their money couldn’t fix.[U3] Read the rest of this entry »