And For Your Information…

June 16, 2010

A creative piece by one of my students – they love feedback!

… and for your information, just because I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth, doesn’t mean my life’s perfect. No one’s life is perfect … especially not mine.

You see, my dad’s a journalist for some big shot news-paper and my mum’s – well I don’t actually know what she does, just that it involves a lot of money and late nights. (Yeah, that sort of political stuff.)

And me … I’m one year away from a psychotic breakdown. Read the rest of this entry »



June 16, 2010

Another creative piece from one of my students – again, feedback would be most appreciated.

“Silence is golden, duct-tape is silver”

It had been 4years, 7 months and 27 days since her vow of silence had began… and 4 years, 7 months and 27 days since she had first become a victim of the Governments Foster care program for childen-with-insane-fathers-who-like-to-murder-their-wives-in-their-sleep.

Problem with not talking Number One:

  • Not being able to tell people the truth

However this was a small blimp in a some what serene existence without words.

“It is simple,” she ponders “watching the world silently and not having to answer everyone’s tedious questions”. Read the rest of this entry »

A Catch

June 16, 2010

Another creative piece from one of my students – please feel free to comment.

Lynette had always considered herself to be a catch. However, when she met Troy for a blind date, she found herself in a situation she couldn’t handle.

He sits there and plays with his fork, twisting it between his thumb and forefinger. She looks at him, he can’t be serious. She pulls at the tablecloth, she is nervous and moderately excited, but did he have to wear the Hawaiian shirt? Read the rest of this entry »

Indesiderato. Unwanted. Ignoranza. Ignorance

June 16, 2010

Please have a read and comment on this student’s story:

Indesiderato. Unwanted. Ignoranza. Ignorance

Stifled by an awful silence, she straightens up against the hardness of her chair, staring down upon her meal. Reluctantly eating her thyme, lime and carrot soup, she courts an impartial expression on her face, remains silent for the rest of the meal and looks down at her silver plate. Read the rest of this entry »