Using Web 2.0 tools to connect, critique and collaborate

Welcome to our blog. This will be a meeting place for emerging thinkers who have chosen to undertake the exciting English Extension courses. Most of the classes visiting and contributing to this blog in the first 3/4 of 2010 will be Year 11 Preliminary English Extension students. Where it goes to from there, only time will tell.

English Extension I and II are unique courses in that they allow for a perfect balance between the creative and the critical. Young emerging writers and thinkers are given the opportunity to strengthen their thinking and writing skills in the hope that one day these will be used to add new layers to the complex tapestry that is Australian literature. You, dear reader, are one such writer.

The aim of this blog is for you, and others like you, to connect with one another and showcase/share your creative and critical talents. Students from a variety of schools – both public and private – will be accessing and contributing to this blog. This is a new and exciting chapter for the highest level of secondary English literature studies in New South Wales. Through the connectedness of the world-wide web you, as a young Australian writer, will be able to shape and reshape the ways in which you harness the English language to express and alter perceptions of the world within which you grow.

Joan Didion explains why she writes:

“I write entirely to find out what I’m thinking, what I’m looking at, what I see and what it means. What I want and what I fear.”

Tell us, why do you write?


11 Responses to Using Web 2.0 tools to connect, critique and collaborate

  1. Paula Madigan says:

    I write to escape being me; to be someone greater, better, a monster, a villian and a hero – the possibilities are endless. I write to explore the possibilities both within me and within the world I live in. I write because I love painting pictures with words and in the hope of expressing what I see, hear and feel in a way that connects with others. I write because I love telling a story and just because i can!

  2. Jake Severino says:

    We write simply because we have a story to tell. Whether to entertain or to inform, to express or to escape; we write because it is in our basic human nature. If you put two people together it won’t be long until they’re telling each other stories; from what they did on the weekend to a funny thing they heard from a friend or read in the newspaper. If we don’t tell our stories to others than our entire life becomes self-centred. Our own stories are what makes us unique.

  3. Kate Armstrong says:

    I write to express feelings I am otherwise not used to sharing or acknowledge. I can explore different parts of my own personality or try to understand aspects of others. It is a way for me to leave an imprint of my own individuality, and to educate. I think I mostly write because I am searching for a sense of self release… or as Paula Madigan said, to escape being me.

  4. Yuta Himura says:

    I write to unleash ideas, emotions and thoughts, and to explore not only the world around me, but what in reality may seem as impossible. The way that impulsive creativity takes over your mind until what your creating becomes almost instinctive feels amazing – and the way in which another person can almost experience not only the words on the page, but your personal thoughts and relate, brings further joy.
    Through writing, I can discover the new, understand the unfeasible, explore the abstract and illustrate what I see to others.
    I write because otherwise, my ideas, thoughts and emotions will be forgotten and lost.

  5. Troy says:

    I love the idea that writing is democracy in practice. Anyone and everyone can do it. Creative/imaginative writing is another thing. The idea of democracy is about freedom, collective and individual needs, that’s what writing is for me. I guess I don’t write for anyone to actually read it, just because I can(great idea for the blog!)

  6. Hilly M says:

    I write to express what I feel, think and experience. I believe conveying such ideas can broaden your own perspective on a subject but also your readers. I use writing as a way to unleash darker emotions within me and to voice my opinion on issues on a smaller or larger scale that anger or upset me. I find writing under the pretense of another character, allows you to be yourself without the anxiety of feeling and/or being judged.

    Also, I believe the most significant part of a person is there story, it’s something they can never lose and it can never be taken from them. Every individual in the world has their own personal story and that is truly theirs. Writing allows personal stories to be expressed and heard by a voice other then there own.

  7. Tessa says:

    I think there are many reasons to write write, as everyone has been saying, i write to express myself. Its through writing that i can retell a personal experience or emotion that I’ve been feeling. Even just to create a life more interesting than my own. it lets me escape reality and explore an endless possibility of journeys and emotions.

    I also believe that writing can be used to teach others. A story teaches us morals and life lessons that we would never experience ourselves.

  8. Jacy says:

    I write because of the possibilities which present themselves the moment you pick up a pen or begin to type. I love the feeling of the power you have to create anything in the world.
    In today’s world there isn’t much left undiscovered but your own creativity and imagination is one of the few experiences which is still full of new possibilities. The thing is it’s personal and yet it is also something you can choose to share with everyone. Especially with the new technology today such as blogs. It is such a dynamic art form and something anyone can enjoy.

  9. Jess Polack says:

    I write because it is a way of de-stressing and de-cluttering all the different things running around in my mind. Once the ideas are on paper they can’t be forgotten but are out of my head. It doesn’t take long for you to start writing pages and pages with ease. Writing allows you to take on any persona in the world and become them for a while, whether it be a dark, evil person or a quiet, mysterious person. Writing allows us to tell personal stories without having to directly state who they are about. The possibilities of stories are endless and this is what makes each and every one unique.

  10. Nick Bailey says:

    I write to explore what I am feeling, as well as the darker, more sinister, twisted passages of my psyche. Writing allows us to connect with our inner feelings, and convey them to others, but sometimes under the guise of a different name, in a different place or life, to avoid judgement of our feelings. Perhaps we only write to further ourselves, give us life where we have no weaknesses, no worries and no concerns, or the opposite, where our weaknesses are scrutinised and questioned, and ways to strengthen them are explored. We write to teach the lessons we learn, to help others achieve a common goal, to tell tales of our past, values, ideals and future goals for others and ourselves.

  11. Kenita Monks says:

    I agree Jess and Nick. Writing for me is so much more than words on paper. Its thoughts, feelings, its another universe entirely from the one we are living in. Its a release of my imagination that allows me to be whoever or whatever i choose. Its clears my head from all the ideas and thoughts that roam around unattached and better still, it allows it to become something beautiful. Something that can touch other people, and something they can relate to. When you put yourself in first person you can change whatever you like, or enhance something for greater value. It allows someone to either indulge more into reality or to escape it. To be individual, yet completely whole. To retell a story from a different angle, or to create something unique.

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